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Well, we do actually. Every day. We have 27 soundproof studios around the country, each one with state-of-the-art equipment.

Audio books are narrated and recorded in our own studios, by teams of trained volunteers and cover a wide range of subjects. Recreational and educational books both for adults and children are produced in all 11 languages of South Africa. New titles are added to our collection at a rate of approximately 2000 per year. Books are chosen by a book selection committee and copyright permission is obtained from publishers and literary agents. Great care is taken to match the voice to the book - wherever possible the voice is matched to the content and style of the book.

Volunteer teams assist in the various stages needed to produce accurate, well modulated tapes, and a master tape is created.

The master tape collection - which now numbers more than 50 000 titles - is stored in climatically controlled conditions, so that a copy can be made whenever necessary. Fast copying equipment ensures that multiple copies of taped books can be made on demand. Our Library members are able to request us to obtain information for them from the Internet. This is accessed, downloaded and recorded for them as part of our free service.

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