We'll make you feel at home
Just like any public library, we lend thousands of books to our members. The difference being, our books travel by freepost to destinations around the country. We dispatch around 2 000 books and magazines on tape each day.

Our members borrow, free of charge, books of every classification - from best-sellers to classics, mysteries, westerns, thrillers, poetry, biographies, religious literature and children’s books.

They also borrow popular magazines in recorded format. We send out some 30 000 magazine cassettes every month.

Our mini libraries fulfil a major function

As part of our outreach campaign to provide taped books to all blind and print-handicapped South Africans, we supply mini-libraries of audio books to homes for the aged, hospitals, hospices and schools for the mentally and physically disabled. The audio books are used for individual or group listening.

Our mini-libraries can be customized to suit particular groups, taking into account their specific needs, language and age.

You can learn a lot if you listen

We offer a Tape Aids Continuing Education Programme, a free service that provides on tape textbooks, tutorials, prescribed works and all other academic material required by blind and print-handicapped students.

Tape Aids for the Blind