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  Office Locations and Contact numbers:
  Head Office Durban Tel: 031 - 309 4800
  Johannesburg Tel: 011 - 786 6130
  Pretoria Tel: 012 - 362 5414
  Cape Town Tel: 021 - 689 5983
  East London Tel: 043 - 722 7615
  Midlands Service Centre Tel: 033 - 330 4519
  Village of Happiness Tel: 039 - 312 5000 (Ext.263)

Alternatively, you could:

Send a Fax to: 031 - 3091165 or
E-mail: director@tapeaids.org.za

We all of us, no matter what our personal faith, seek meaning and purpose in life. Many of us take a lifetime and beyond to find it. Like most things, the answer’s probably right under our nose. Our shared purpose could simply be to help another individual who is challenged in some way. This - you’ve guessed it! - is where you come into the story.

As we receive no government or other subsidies, our remarkable service has been made possible for over 55 years thanks to the caring, commitment and financial support of our private and corporate contributors. We would be honoured if you, too, would invest in the education and entertainment of the visually handicapped. This you may do in your private or company capacity. Or both.

What do you get out of this?

The knowledge that you’ve made the world of difference to at least one other human being. A tax incentive. The opportunity to be acknowledged by name in the recording of a sponsored book. The chance to brand a mini-library of books that will go to a home for the aged, a children’s ward in a hospital or a school for the handicapped. The opportunity to bring learning and culture to thousands of South Africans in the language of their choice. The sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something good.

The chance to be part of a great and continuing story.

What can you do?

As much or as little as you want. It’s up to you. You can provide financial sponsorship. Tape recorders. Headphones. A Copyette for duplicating tapes. Even your voice.

Please note that a number of our volunteer opportunities, such as those for studio recording narrators and monitors, are location specific.

Tape Aids for the Blind has recording studios in Durban (Head Office), Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town.

Tape Aids for the Blind