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Tape Aids is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to providing audio library and book production services for persons with difficulty reading. For the past 60 years we have been recording and producing educational and recreational 'Talking Books' and audio magazines in 9 official South African languages with the support of our 500 volunteer narrators and proof-readers at our studios and service centres nationwide. The main circulation library processes over 5000 audio books per day and members can also download audio books from this website.

Our education outreach initiatives provide multilingual Hear-to-Read oral resources for early childhood development and our Talking e-Books overcome literacy, comprehension, pronunciation and textbook dilemmas through the provision of 'spoken word' versions of school books and lessons.

Tape Aids For The Blind Non Profit Organisation Registration No: 002-101NPO
Public Benefit Organisation Registration No: PBO 930000935

Tape Aids for the Blind SGM Notification

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