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Tape Aids Avid Readers Audio Library

Become a member of our Avid Readers Library and enjoy the companionship of our thousands of fiction and non-fiction audio books and audio magazines, delivered directly to your postal address anywhere in South Africa, free-of-charge.

Speak to one of our librarians if you'd like to find out more about our library services or become a member:

Toll Free Phone: 0800 33 55 22
Email: operations@tapeaids.org.za

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Comprehension is better when you read with your ears

We are so proud of our student members who all go on to excel in their chosen fields. Whether they're visually impaired or print-disabled dyslexic students, reading their lessons with their ears has opened up whole new worlds in their studies.

Our education officers at our nationwide service centres oversee the collection of printed works from student members and the production of an audio recording, ensuring that they receive their recorded study material on time. We equip our highly experienced volunteer 'home readers', who are usually retired school teachers, with our specialized headphone/microphone kits and audio software to enable them to convert our students' text books and course material into the spoken word, recording in the comfort of their homes.

Speak to one of our education officers at a service centre near you to find out more about our student education services and becoming a student member:

Email: operations@tapeaids.org.za

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Mini-libraries with selected fiction & non-fiction audio book collections

We provide institutional members of our library with collections of up to 200 fiction and non-fiction audio books which are kept and managed by them at their own in-house library facilities. Schools for children with special needs, institutions for the elderly as well as public libraries can all apply for institutional membership of our library service for persons who have difficulty reading, from any one of our nationwide service centres.

Collections are refreshed periodically to ensure that their students, residents or members have access to our latest books. We encourage anyone accessing our mini-library collections to also become individual members of our Tape Aids Avid Readers Audio Library so that they can receive their own preferred book selections posted directly to them.

Contact a service centre near you to find out how your facility can get a Tape Aids Audio Mini-Library:

Email: operations@tapeaids.org.za

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Tape Aids NPC produces audio versions of commercial books, business reports, policies, training manuals & government documents

Tape Aids For The Blind's associate non-profit company, Tape Aids NPC, converts printed text into human narrated audio, producing high quality recordings in the MP3 digital audio format.

Contact our head office for a quotation to convert your books, reports or manuals to audio:

Email: director@tapeaids.org.za

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